Our Veterinary Team

Our veterinary team is made up of dedicated veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants, kennel techs, and receptionists who all strive to give your pet the best care possible. Find out more about us and don’t forget to make an appointment online or by calling 802-773-2779 to meet us in person!

RVCSC team member holding two white newborn puppies

Dr. Rob Macpherson


Dr. Macpherson feels very blessed to be part of a tremendous profession. He finds it so rewarding to see the bond that exists between pets and their families and feels that the greatest reward is seeing the joy on people’s faces when pets are treated and are well enough to go back home. He is the Medical Director of the Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center.

Dr. Macpherson graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 1992 and has worked in Vermont since 1999. His passion is surgery and he specializes in orthopedic issues like cranial cruciate ligament disease and knee cap luxation repairs, as well as more advanced soft tissue surgeries. He knows his success is owed in large part to having a wonderful team of individuals who share his passion for providing cats, dogs, and their owners the very best in medical and surgical care.

In addition to his wife and three children, Dr. Macpherson’s family includes Harper and Frank, both black labs, and their cat, Luna. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, outdoor activities, camping, and watching his children’s sporting events.

Dr. Michaela Wozniakewicz


Dr. Michaela Wozniakewicz is a graduate of Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, and she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont. She grew up in Massachusetts but fell in love with Vermont during her time at UVM and joined the Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center team in 2014 after completing veterinary school. Dr. Woz’s areas of special interest include internal medicine, neurology, and surgery. She enjoys providing the best possible care to both animals and people, as well as developing strong relationships with her clients and their pets. She also thrives on the challenges of practicing veterinary medicine – no day is the same as the next!

In addition to her son and husband, Dr. Woz’s family includes two dogs, Rhaegar and Lyanna, and a cat named Scotty. In her free time, Dr. Woz enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, hiking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Dr. Jessie Bachmann


Dr. Jessie Bachmann is a graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and received her B.S. from the University of Vermont. She was born and raised in Vermont and has actually been working at the Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center in a variety of roles since she was in high school.

Dr. Bachmann enjoys many aspects of veterinary medicine and is particularly interested in preventative care, dermatology, behavior, and hospice/end of life care. Dr. Bachmann really values being able to be a part of the bond that clients and their pets share, and especially enjoys being able to watch her patients grow from puppies and kittens into adulthood.

Jessie and her husband live on a small farm with their horses, their cat, Ava, and her dogs Maisy and Silo. In her free time, Jessie enjoys spending time outdoors horseback riding, hiking with her dogs, and kayaking.

Dr. Haley

Dr. Haley Macomber


Dr. Haley Macomber grew up on a small beef and horse farm in Fair Haven, VT. She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2022 and received her B.S. from the University of Vermont in 2017. Dr. Macomber enjoys many different areas of veterinary medicine but her special areas of interest include lameness, preventative care, and surgery. She became certified in chiropractic care during her fourth year of veterinary school and is excited to share this modality with the Rutland community.

She feels privileged to be a part of the relationship clients share with their pets. Whether it be a new puppy or kitten, or a senior pet, she loves the opportunity to cater to each individual pet’s specific needs. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, fishing, and riding her horse Michigan.

Dr. Tess

Dr. Tess Alecksynas


Dr. Tess Alecksynas joined the Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center Family in June 2022 as an Urgent Care Veterinarian. Dr. Tess grew up in Washington County, NY on a dairy farm and has worked in Veterinary Medicine since 2010. She graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2020 and has since been practicing Emergency and Preventive medicine in upstate NY. Dr. Tess feels grateful to work in a position where she can help sick and injured animals with the help and dedication of owners and her amazing support staff. Dr. Tess now lives in Granville, NY with her 3 dogs: Ryleigh, Jiminy, and Daisy as well as her cat Moo-fasa. She enjoys kayaking and hiking as well as raising and showing dairy cattle.

Dr. Haley

Dr. Vivien Burnell


Dr. Vivien Burnell graduated with a BS from the University of New Hampshire and went on to complete her veterinary degree at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating from veterinary school, she moved to New Jersey to complete a rotating small animal medicine and surgery internship. Dr. Burnell grew up on the seacoast of NH but loves all of New England!

Dr. Burnell enjoys many parts of veterinary medicine, but her main interests are internal medicine, cardiology, emergency, and critical care. Dr. Burnell admires the human-animal bond and is excited to help build that bond with all of her patients and their families.

Vivien shares a home with her Husband, three dogs, Layla, Eliska, and Miko, as well as her cat, Wanda. In her free time Vivien enjoys spending time outside hiking, skiing, and swimming, but always loves a good book!

Dr. Haley

Dr. Megan Swasey


After receiving her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020 and serving in the military, Dr. Megan Swasey joined the Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center (RVCSC) team in 2024. Dr. Swasey’s extensive experience with large animals along with her lifelong passion for household pets is the foundation for her expertise in providing thoughtful care. Megan Shares the vision of the members of the RVCSC team to understand and value not only the health of your pet, but also the special bond between the pet and owner. Her goal is to provide honest, transparent treatment while respecting the preferences of the owner.

Megan and her husband live on a dairy farm in Shoreham, Vermont along with their cat Leia and rabbit Roo. They have more animals including sheep and at least one Border Collie planned in the not-too-distant future.


Office Manager

Barbara has been a common face here at RVCSC for over 20 years! Her favorite thing about working here is working with all the animals and their people. She also loves that each day brings an opportunity to learn something new.

In her free time, Barbara enjoys knitting, fly-fishing, and spending time with her two cats.



Practice Manager

Sarah started at RVCSC at the beginning of 2022. While new to the veterinary field, she’s got plenty of experience in management and creative problem-solving.

Sarah has her hands full at home with a Great Dane, a German shepherd, and a ‘mutt’. She also has chickens, ducks, and fish. When she’s not keeping the clinic running, Sarah likes to travel and enjoy the fresh air.


Surgery Technician

Joann is a surgery technician here at RVCSC and has been working here for over 40 years!

Joann has three dogs that love to come to work with her. She has opened her home to lots of foster cats, many of whom have made permanent additions to her family over the years. She spends her free time with her children, grandchildren, and her animals.


Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley is a Certified Veterinary Technician with a degree from Vermont Technical College. She came to RVCSC in June of 2021 with 5 years of experience under her belt. One of her favorite parts of her job is the exposure she gets to different cases.

At home, Ashley has two cats (Kylo & Alfredo), and one dog, Nika. When she’s not hard at work here, she likes hiking, kayaking, and reading.


Certified Veterinary Technician

AJ is a certified veterinary technician, licensed through Vermont Technical College (VTC), and has been with RVCSC since May of 2015. Her favorite part of her job is working with a great group of people who are dedicated to helping the pets in our community.

She has three cats and one dog, Ty, who likes to accompany her while she is adventuring outdoors. She can be found outside all year long hiking, kayaking, and snowmobiling. She also helps her family with sugaring, and they make the best maple syrup in Vermont!


Certified Veterinary Technician

Tess has been with RVCSC since August of 2022. She has an associates in Veterinary Science from SUNY Delhi and is currently working on getting her bachelor’s degree. She has over 5 years of experience working in veterinary medicine.

She has a cat named Oops, and two rats named Lily & Lilac that were adopted from her school. She loves hanging out with Oops, and traveling with her friends. Her dream goal in life is to be a primate trainer. Tess’s favorite thing about working at RVCSC is learning new things every day and meeting all of the different pet personalities!


Licensed Veterinary Technician & Inventory Manager

Devin has an associate degree in animal science from SUNY Delhi and has been an LVT for 20 years, 9 of which she has worked at RVCSC. Her favorite thing about working here is that every day is different, and she is constantly learning new ways to help our patients.

At home, Devin has a full house. She has two dogs, four cats, one rabbit, three goats, nine chickens, three ducks, three daughters, and one husband, all of whom she loves spending her free time with.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kayleigh came to us in November of 2023, after moving to VT from NY. She has an associate’s degree in Veterinary Science from Suny Delhi, and has spent three years working in clinics in New York. Kayleigh’s dog Woody is a retired research dog that she got from college, and it’s her passion to be able to give a voice to those who don’t have one.


Veterinary Technician

Raechel has a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in clinical animal medicine from Becker College. She has had a long-running interest in working with animals and started her career in high school working with the Springfield Humane Society for five years. After graduating, she worked at a local animal hospital for 15 years. She has been with RVCSC since September of 2019.  Her favorite things about working at RVCSC are client communication, working with the patients, and surgery.

Raechel has two pets at home, a Golden Retriever named Boden, and a Siamese cat named Bad Dog. In her free time, Raechel coaches (and plays) soccer, and loves to spend time with her family and friends.


Veterinary Technician & Inventory Team

Vickey started out her career working kennels at RVCSC in 1980 and has worked her way up through our ranks. She has been here consistently for over 40 years! Vickey’s favorite thing about working here is that she gets to do something different every day.

She has two adorable pups, a Boston terrier named Charlie, and a Frenchton named Mabel. In her free time, she likes working out at the gym and taking trips to Maine.


Veterinary Technician

Mike enjoys his privacy (and good humor), so he wanted you all to know that he’s been here a long time, he has interesting pets, and he LOVES staff meetings.


Veterinary Technician

Vicki came to RVCSC in April of 2021, from a vet clinic in New York. She has a degree in psychology, with a minor in sociology. One of her favorite things about working here is being able to learn new things every single day, and being able to give a little extra love to the humane society puppies and kittens.

Vicki has three cats, Laszlo, Emme, and Leia, and she’s known for fostering kittens when the opportunity arises. When she’s not working with animals, Vicki likes to hike and practice photography.

Rutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center - Photo Coming Soon


Veterinary Technician

Peggy started at RVCSC in May of 2023. She has a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, and has been a technician for the last 5 years. She loves the never-ending opportunities, but mostly, she loves helping the animals be healthy and the clients be happy.

When she isn’t working at the clinic, you can find her kayaking, paddle boarding, gardening, and going on outdoor adventures with her dog Tango Betty. She also has 3 cats!

Rutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center - Photo Coming Soon


Veterinary Technician

Maeve started at RVCSC at the end of 2023. She attended Becker College, and has worked at mixed animal practices in MA. She has also worked as an emergency technician at Northway Animal Emergency Hospital.

Rescue work and farming is very important to Maeve, which is reflected in the wide variety of pets that she has at home. The list includes 5 dogs (all rescues), 5 cats, 2 birds, 2 turtles, fish, a bunny, and a horse, as well as cows, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, and chickens. In addition to helping animals, she also helps with disaster relief work. When she’s not taking care of animals or humans, in one form or another, Maeve enjoys hiking and horseback riding.


Vet Assistant

Kari came to us in 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science, with a specialization in Equine Physical Rehabilitation. She has two dogs, Sam and Jessie. When she’s not at the clinic, Kari spends her free time riding horses, traveling, and gaining as many new experiences as possible. Her favorite thing about working at RVCSC is being able to provide pets with compassionate care.


Groomer & Customer Care Representative

Candy has been with RVCSC since March of 2019. Previously, she attended Volhard Dog Training School and has worked with animals ever since. You may recognize her from the business she owned and operated for over 10 years, Canine to Five. Her favorite things about working at RVCSC are the dedicated staff, the fast-paced environment, and that every day is different.

She owns four dogs (a Great Dane, two Whippets, and a Chihuahua). In her free time, Candy loves reading, gardening, and nature.



Jean has been working at RVCSC since 1968 – wow! She currently grooms animals at the clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Her favorite thing about working here is getting to work with all the different dogs.

At home, she has dogs, birds, ducks, geese, and fish. She loves gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.


Customer Care Representative & Head of Social Media

Ayla started at RVCSC in June of 2019. In 2016, she graduated from Unity College with a Bachelor of Science in captive wildlife care and education. Since then, she has worked at multiple zoos and wildlife facilities. Her favorite thing about working at RVCSC is the amazing and supportive staff, as well as the opportunity to learn something new every single day.

In her free time, Ayla likes traveling, reading, drawing, and spending copious amounts of time with her cat, Freya (who also likes to travel).


Customer Care Representative

Mandi has been with RVCSC since 2017, and has over ten years of experience in the veterinary field. She loves learning something new every day, and being a part of ensuring that pets feel comfortable and safe while they are here at the clinic. When she’s not hard at work here, Mandi can be found painting, playing piano, singing, cooking, or spending quality time with her three pups, Ozzie, Knuckles, and Floki.

Maureen (Mo)

Customer Care Representative

If you’ve been to RVCSC, then you probably know Mo. She’s been a constant, smiling face in reception for going on 23 years! Her favorite thing about working at RVCSC is assisting clients and watching all the dogs and cats grow up.

If you know Mo, then you probably know that she has three beautiful German Shepherds, a cat, and an Amazon parrot. In her free time, Maureen likes competitive obedience shows, dog training, bingo, and cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.



Customer Care Representative

Michele has been with RVCSC since 2011 but has been in the veterinary profession since 1983. Not only has she worked at local offices, Michele even worked as a veterinary nurse in England for 3 years!  Her favorite part of working at RVCSC is the opportunity to learn and teach something new every day.

Michele has a plethora of hobbies outside of work that keep her busy. She loves reading, being in nature (she’s a Chittendam fanatic in the summer), cooking, and spending time with her pets. She has one dog, four cats, and chickens.


Customer Care Representative

Brittany has been with RVCSC since September 2020. She has a passion for working with animals and worked as an animal technician and laboratory research technician in Oklahoma, providing care for mice, rats, African clawed frogs, and zebra fish!

She has two chihuahuas at home (Bruno & Biz). Outside of the clinic, she likes music, movies, coloring, and hanging with her pups!

Her favorite thing about working at RVCSC is getting to see animals every day, and always learning new things.



Customer Care Representative

Heather started working at RVCSC in the fall of 2022. She has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, with a Digital Forensics certification, but has found her passion working with animals. She spent three years working at the Rutland County Humane Society before coming to work here. She loves the positive interaction with the community members that entrust us with the care of their pets. When she’s not at the clinic, Heather spends her free time with her cats Beanz and Gwen.

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Susan came to RVCSC in 2022 after many years of working in the veterinary profession. She has worked in many roles, including veterinary technician and practice manager. She enjoys riding her horse, Zeus, and spending time with her four grown children and her grandchildren.
Rutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center - Photo Coming Soon


Customer Care Representative

Richard started at RVCSC in 2023. He has a whopping 30 years of retail management experience from Borders Books & Music, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Books are a clear passion of his, along with playing the guitar, fishing, and spending as much time as possible with his family (preferably at Disney!).

Rich loves interacting with the clients, many of whom he knows from his previous jobs, and being able to interact with the animals is the cherry on top. He has gained a great respect for what our staff does here on a daily basis, and is excited to be a part of the team for a long time to come.



Clinic Cat

Kringle joined the team in December of 2022, during an extended stay here while he recovered from a leg amputation. No one could resist his silly personality or his great big blue crossed-eyes. All of our clients helped pick his name, and everyone was happy to welcome him into our family. Kringle is a sweet, lovable cuddlebug and an avid heat seeker. Even with three legs, he’s got a knack for getting into places he doesn’t belong, both high and low, and he has a proclivity for busting into bags of food (much like his predecessor, Jingles…). Regardless of his trouble-making tendencies, he still graduated top of his class at the Acatemy in Safety and Security, and plays the role of hall monitor frequently.

Rutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center - Photo Coming Soon


Clinic Cat

Mooches came to us from the Rutland County Humane Society due to severe eye issues that left him unable to see much of the world around him. He has had a series of eye surgeries that have successfully corrected most of this issue. While here, staff fell in love with him, and we couldn’t bear to part with him. He’s not scared of much, and loves to greet clients in the lobby. His favorite snack is paper, and he apologizes in advance for any shredded discharge papers clients may get. He is a goofy cat that makes us smile every day, and we are proud to say we think he’s earned an advanced degree in Emotional Support from the Acatemy.


In loving memory of Jingles

Clinic Cat & Honorary CEO, 2008-2022