The Dangers of Decay: Great Pet Dental Health Can Extend Lives

Kids have a tough time learning the concept of cause and effect, but grown-ups employ it every single day. Not filling the car up with gas has its own set of consequences, just as not paying the bills on time. Indeed, without an understanding of our action’s possible results we’d likely make all the wrong decisions.

When it comes to pet dental health, there are a lot of terrible consequences that result from ignoring their teeth and gums. Alternatively, routine cleanings and brushing at home sets a pet up for a longer, healthier life.

For Them

We know firsthand the benefits of dental health. For starters, no drilling and filling! The results that we see from daily brushing and scheduled professional cleanings are exactly the same for  our pets.

Pet Dental Health Month

The influential American Veterinary Medical Association dedicates the entire month of February to raise awareness of pet dental health. While your pet may interpret attention to their teeth and gums as an intrusion, regular scrutiny of this area is actually an act of love.

Quality and Quantity

We are your partner in working towards optimal pet dental health. If a pet’s teeth and gums are never closely examined, brushed, cleaned, or x-rayed, the chances of problems developing inside the mouth skyrocket, especially well into the senior years. Unexpected pet emergencies may be inevitable as a result.

Looking Ahead

Neglect (accidental and otherwise) can lead to inflammation, infection, and periodontal disease. This is inevitable for most pets over the age of three. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s too late for older pets to receive the care they need. Gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontal disease (a progressive bacterial infection) can be slowed down and sometimes stopped.

The Far Reaches

If bacteria is left alone to flourish inside the mouth, you’ll likely notice terrible breath, signs of pain, and changes in weight/appetite. Another serious consequence of tooth decay is a decline in adequate nutrition when eating becomes painful. As pets are highly food motivated, this change can negatively impact the quality of life.

How We Can Help

At your pet’s routine wellness exam we’ll flip their lip to inspect for sores, bleeding, swelling, and evidence of plaque and tartar. If recommended, we’ll schedule an appointment to clean and examine their teeth while under closely monitored anesthesia. Measuring the pockets between the receeding gums and the teeth, polishing, application of fluoride and/or antibiotic will all help toward an effective treatment plan.

If we can assist you further with pet dental health, we encourage you to contact us. We’re always here for your pet!

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