Best Pet Parent EVER! Celebrating Responsible Pet Owners Month

Top-of-the-line, nutritious food in your pet’s bowl? Check! An array of interesting and pounce-worthy pet toys all over the house? Yep! Daily walks that show up all the other owners with your dog’s incredible training and personality? You got it! It may seem like nothing is missing in your quest to be the most responsible pet owner around (and we agree!), but it’s always good to brush up on your skills.

At Rutland, we’re happy to celebrate Responsible Pet Owners Month and recognize people like you who keep their pets healthy and happy. In observance of this special month, we thought we’d outline some of the skills and talents exemplified by amazing owners like yourself.

You Have the Skills!

There are very few pet owners out there who aren’t determined to be good pet parents. After all, we love our animal companions and know they rely on us. Yet, there are some areas that could use extra attention or more improvement.

  • Nutrition and weight – Oh boy. After several weeks of indulging ourselves in holiday foods, it may be a good time for everyone, including the family pet, to take a discerning look at diet. Have you been lax when it comes to daily pet treats? Do you know if your pet is at the proper weight? A thorough nutritional assessment with our team may be needed. At the very least, try to maintain portion control, and feed your pet a quality diet based on life stage.
  • Exercise and mental enrichment – After diet comes exercise! Physical activity is important to achieving a healthy weight, but responsible pet owners also know it’s a good way to keep pets happy and well adjusted. Exercise extends to walks, hikes, doggie daycare, cat trees, toys, and interactive games you can play with your pet. The sky’s the limit!
  • Training and socialization – Training is a must for all dog owners, and it goes beyond basic commands. Teaching your pet valuable skills like heeding your lead, playing well with others, knowing the rules of the home, and special skills like crate- and loose-leash training all play a vital role in their health. Cats also need training and socialization. This includes essential skills in using the litter box, as well as being socialized around other cats and people (and sometimes other animals).
  • Health and wellness – Last but certainly not least is health. Attending regular checkups is one such aspect of responsible pet ownership, but don’t forget things that are often overlooked, such as dental care. Have you been ignoring any aspect of veterinary and at-home pet health? Make it your challenge this month to follow up. Your pet will thank you for it!

Hello, Fun!

Being responsible doesn’t mean being a wet blanket. Responsible pet owners know just how special quality time is with their bestie animal friend. Taking time to cuddle, pet, groom, and just hang out together goes a long way to achieving simple joy – and better physical health! After all, emotional health is every bit as important as physical wellbeing.

But you already know that!

Happy Responsible Pet Owners Month!

From all of us, we want to wish you a “paw”sitively awesome Responsible Pet Owners Month. We challenge you to take a look at anything your pet needs that you’ve been avoiding. After all, we’re sure you want to be the best pet owner ever!

As always, our team is here if you have any questions or concerns!

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