A Year In Review: Rutland Veterinary Hospital’s Top Blogs of 2019

As we embark on a new year and all the fresh starts it brings, we can’t help but think back to 2019 and take stock. What worked well for us? What successes did we have? How did we share our gifts and talents? 

Rutland Veterinary Hospital has been ruminating on those same questions. And we are ready to embark on a new year by thinking about how we can continue to share our learning and knowledge with you, and to make it easier for you to take great care of your four legged friends. 

To that end, we write and publish this blog, and it’s our honor to do so. As we looked back, we checked our most popular blogs of 2019, and we are sharing them here with you. We hope you enjoy! 

Rutland Veterinary Hospital’s Top Blogs of 2019

5. Are You Ready To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth?
Many pet owners shudder at the prospect of opening the jaws of a highly resistant animal. Like getting a rectal temperature or cleaning up a hairball, it just doesn’t come naturally. However, with time and patience, brushing their teeth becomes a normal part of responsible pet ownership. Read more…

4. Is It Time To Spay Or Neuter Your Pet?
There are a multitude of reasons to spay or neuter your pet, but it can still be a tricky choice, and surgery for your beloved pet is certainly a big deal. Keep reading…

3. The Veterinary House Call: Exceptional Pet Care At Your Doorstep!
The first (and most obvious) benefit of the veterinary house call is convenience. House calls bring veterinary care into your home. That means no driving to and from the vet clinic and less time commitment for owners. Continue…

2. Fear Free Certified And Proud
Can you imagine bringing your dog or cat in for a vet visit where every possible effort is made to minimize or eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress? Look no further! Read more…

1. New Buzzword On The Street: All About BEG Diets
If you dabble in social media and love pets like we do, you have probably seen the FDA release about BEG diets. A lot of attention has fallen to these pet foods manufactured by boutique companies, containing exotic ingredients, and/or identifying as “grain-free”. Keep reading…

Looking Ahead

We’ve loved being a part of your pet’s health care this year and we hope to continue to be your partner in pet health. If you have suggestions for blog topics that might benefit other pet owners, please let us know at your next visit or give us a call. 

From our team to your family, Happy New Year!

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